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Our lures are custom made in the USA
Taking orders in the fall season - Gone Fishing!

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The Pros' Best Kept Secret - Thundershad!

Freshwater and Saltwater lures available in a variety of models and colors!


Affordable Handcrafted Balsa and Jeluton Wood Lures

Our lures are air brushed and no two are alike.  These lures WILL catch fish!  Quality and customer service are our highest priorities.  Check out our FaceBook Page (Awesome Baits LLC)


Thundershad crankbaits are designed to catch just about any kind of fish! This photo shows trout caught in the Cumberland River, Kentucky.

Contact us at (850) 508-9192 or e-mail at or our FaceBook page at Awesome Baits LLC.  Here's wishing you and yours tight lines and great fishing!

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